Knowledgeable Strategic Planning & Financial Consulting

Strategic planning and financial consulting services can help you personally and professionally. Scott Tax Service in Snellville, Georgia, offers both services, and you’re sure to benefit from our reliable advice.

Strategic Planning

We strongly encourage all of our clients to manage their money and plan for the long haul. Businesses can develop a strategic business plan, updated annually, with a vision for the future that helps to plan for many contingencies. Our firm can provide the strategic planning services you to keep everyone focused. Our strategic planning includes:

• Financial Modeling
• Financial Forecasts
• Cash Flow Management
• Debt Portfolio Management
• Inventory Planning
• Performance Measurements
• Risk Management & Analysis


Financial Consulting

We take great pride in our position as the firm of choice among many other service providers you could choose from. Our prime directive is to assist each client in achieving success and leaving a blueprint of sound advice for them. We welcome the many challenges that lie ahead, and look forward to providing you with solid, practical strategies to handle the issues that affect your business, including:

• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Cost of Service Studies & Cost Studies
• Facilitate Strategic Planning Meetings
• Scenario Management & Analysis
• Business Valuations
• Debt Restructuring
• Depreciation Studies
• RFP Analysis & Preparation
• Bid Preparations for Government Contracts
• Lease/Buy Decisions
• Bankruptcies
• Personal Financial Statements
• Divorce & Support Issues
• Pension & Profit Sharing Plans
• Homeowners Associations
• SBA Loans
• Investment Review
• Credit Analysis
• Succession Planning
• Bank Financing


Contact us for reliable financial consulting and strategic planning services.